EnviroDispose Monthly Giveaway Rules

General Rules: No entry fee. No purchase or obligation necessary to play or win. By entering our giveaway you agree to the following terms:   1. Must be 18 years of age or older. 2. How to Enter: Follow EnviroDispose on Facebook for a chance to win. Comment, like and share on designated contest posts […]

A First Timer’s Guide to Hire a Dumpster Rental

Are you going to hire a dumpster rental in Shawnee? Are you thinking about how to do it successfully without any interruption? Brimming out of these questions in your mind is common, and today we have compiled a set of steps, which will help you master the idea of renting a dumpster for industrial purposes. […]

How to Get Permission for Dumpster Rental?

If your rented dumpster is put in the public right of way, it is a universal law that a dumpster rental permit is required for you. The public right of way encompasses: Avenues of town Sidewalks Alleyway City-owned land (parking lots, etc.) If required, a licensed and reputable dumpster rental firm will have no problem […]

What Can You Throw in a Dumpster?

There are guidelines mapping what you can throw in a roll off dumpster and what you cannot. You may not be allowed to put specific items in a rented dumpster. In fact, doing so can even break your contract. Finally the size of the dumpster also matters. When you have a hefty amount of items […]

Why Should You Make Your Waste Management Environment-friendly?

It is necessary to consider the atmosphere and environment as your company decides to buy materials and disposal. It is also essential to consider how it is possible to minimize your consumption and waste production and reduce its carbon footprint. By 2060 the global extraction of resources could grow to 190 billion tons, and the […]

Dumpster Rental Details You Ought to Know

As one of Oklahoma City’s leading providers of affordable waste dumpster rentals, we take care of your waste collection needs, including any questions you might have about our services. Take a look below to see if the subject you are looking for has already been covered. If not, please feel free to contact us. FAQS […]

The Essentials of Waste Management You Need to Know

This is not uncommon for architects to find various forms of minimizing waste during the construction of a building. They also should, however, concentrate on developing techniques to reduce the waste produced during a building’s lifetime. For example, consider reducing waste produced by finding the best way to minimize energy and water usage. That is […]

Decluttering Attic Space – Learn Organization Skill

Attics are known to be filled with half-filled boxes and discarded things that are just too good to throw out, but are always getting in the way. This often involves family heirlooms or old records that are lost because of disorganization. It is not an excuse for it to look like it was struck by […]

Unfold Why 20 Yard Dumpster Is a Popular One

When compared with other sizes, a 20-yard dumpster is a very common choice. You can fill it with garbage and debris worth close to six pickup bed loads. For a range of projects such as home remodeling, roof repairs, garage or shed demolition, and home cleanups, you can easily understand why it is the favorite […]

What will be Better: Junk Removal or Dumpster Rental

Taking home refurbishment projects needs a careful look at the disposal process of junk or trash material. You can either select a dumpster rental service or a waste management firm in OKC. Based on the project size and scale, you can choose which option will be better for you. Let’s make this procedure easier for […]