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Smart Compactors

Oklahoma businesses rely on EnviroDispose to provide innovative smart compactors with electronic measuring. Our smart technology allows commercial job site managers to monitor the compactor from an app on a smart phone and receive alerts when the box needs to be serviced; saving time and money! Choose from two sizes of smart compactors, including a 35 yard self- contained compactor or a 42 yard stationary compactor.

Smart Trash Compactor in OKC

42 Yard Stationary Smart Compactor

Stationary smart compactors are primarily used for dry waste streams such as plastics, general trash, cardboard, etc. The compaction unit is available in 2, 4 and 6 yard capacity and stays on your premises at all times. The 42-yard receiver is detached and hauled away to a disposal or recycling facility and then returned quickly to your premises and easily hooked back up to the compaction unit.

EnviroDispose Compactor Unit

35 Yard Self-Contained

Self-contained compactors are mainly used for wet waste streams caused by grocery store products, meatpacking plant products and any other type of wet waste stream. The compactors are designed for ease of use and efficiency in mind. Self-contained compactors can also process the same material as a stationary unit. When the compactor is full, it is disconnected from the quick connect power supply and both the compactor and receiver are hauled away, disposed of and reconnected to the existing power supply.

Benefits of using a Smart Compactor

Smart compactors give you control by allowing you to monitor your own waste stream. At any given time you can check your remaining waste capacity from your smart phone, which helps prevent over/under loading and ultimately saves you money on waste collection and labor costs! Smart compactors also save valuable space on the job site and help to reduce wear and tear on pavement.