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Disposal Bins

Avoid environmental hazards that can arise from used oil filters or soiled absorbents (pads, booms, etc.) and opt for a disposal bin from EnviroDispose! EnviroDispose offers 2, 3 and 4 yard volume bins that come standard with liquid-tight drain plugs in the back to prevent any leakage; dual heavy duty doors on top make it easy to open. Easy to transport via forklift making it simple to move around.



Benefits of Using Disposal Bins

Disposal bins reduce environmental spills and remediation caused from used and soiled products. Easy to open lids are simple to operate and can easily be transported by forklift, making disposal bins a great option for all industries. Keep your yard clean with an EnviroDispose disposal bin!

EnviroDispose Disposal Bins

Disposal Bin

Disposal Bins

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