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Environmental & sludge boxes


Environmental & Sludge Boxes

EnviroDispose ensures safe and clean containment for special waste streams with our heavy-duty sludge and environmental boxes. When it comes to liquid and solid special waste containment, we offer one of the largest inventories in Oklahoma of top of the line environmental / sludge boxes.


Sludge Boxes

Our Sludge boxes are 25 yard heavy duty based boxes with sealed back doors, front and back spill plates and waterproof 5 bow industrial grade tarps. All sludge boxes have “dump truck style” back doors, preventing any and all leakage.  Sludge boxes also come with a ‘rounded bottom’ design to ensure max volume and no wasted space and are equipped with a unique hook design welded and spaced evenly on the inside box walls to ensure liners are super secure and fit “like a glove”.

Environmental Boxes

Our Environmental boxes are 25 yard heavy duty based boxes with sealed back doors and are available with or without the top front and rear spill plates standard on our sludge boxes. Our Environmental boxes come with waterproof 5 bow industrial grade tarps. Environmental boxes also have ‘dump truck’ style back doors creating an extra tight seal, which prevents any and all leakage. Our Environmental boxes have a ‘tapered bottom’ design to ensure all dry or wet content slides out easily upon dumping. Environmental boxes are equipped with the same unique hook design as our sludge boxes ensuring liners are secure and fit tightly.

Environmental & sludge boxes

Environmental liner

Environmental & sludge boxes in Oklahoma

Boxes used for commercial environmental and sludge