What Can You Throw in a Dumpster?

There are guidelines mapping what you can throw in a roll off dumpster and what you cannot. You may not be allowed to put specific items in a rented dumpster. In fact, doing so can even break your contract. Finally the size of the dumpster also matters. When you have a hefty amount of items to get rid of, or garbage or broken items or outdated things, renting a dumpster is the best solution. You can use this service for residential or commercial purposes.


Dumpsters are available in different sizes like 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 yards. A 10 yard or 15 yard dumpster is a popular choice for residential cleaning purposes. 20-yard dumpster is used in construction sites for waste cleanup whereas a 30-yard is the perfect choice for bigger residential projects. 40-yard dumpsters are for the larger commercial projects or building constructions.

You certainly would not hire a large dumpster and use half of it or hire a second dumpster when you have only a few things left. Therefore, knowing the correct dumpster size for your requirement is paramount. Ask your service provider to mention the details about the correct size of your dumpster.


It completely depends on the size of the dumpster. However, the policy of the service provider also matters. There could be guidelines by the service provider and they might not accept items apart from that. You can put regular items such as chairs, couches, tables etc. and other upholstery furniture. For details either ask the service providers or check the local guidelines.


Prohibited items are fuel, Paints & Lacquers, oils and batteries and those should be thrown in the local hazardous waste facility as these are flammable and toxic.

Asbestos and other medical wastes are harmful to human health and should be dealt with by specific service providers.

Industrial drums and other contaminated absorbents should be disposed of at the local hazardous waste collection as these are highly toxic items.

Food wastes, ink, adhesives or resins should be taken back by the local recycling facility as these can attract vermin and damage the inside of a dumpster.

Refrigerant, air conditioner or water tank should be taken back by the utility company as they can release toxic elements to the environment and can accumulate harmful gas to the landfills.

Tires as well as railroad ties should be taken by the local tire recycler or the railroads can be reused since they can damage landfill since they contain harmful chemicals.Visit us at Envirodispose for roll-off dumpster in OKC.